Welcome to ConnecMe2, a social-vocational networking platform for those seeking opportunities, and a revolutionary SaaS-based must-have for those providing opportunities.


Now available on the App Store for iOS, our mobile app is dedicated to serve the motivated individuals seeking new opportunities. Here at ConnecMe2 we have created a mobile app that combines the beauty of video and dynamic user generated content, with the ability to create what some have called a virtual CV and portfolio you can share with the leaders, experts and decision makers within your circle. The ConnecMe2 app makes it easy to:

  • Collaborate with peers
  • Discover opportunities
  • And build your route map that showcases your talent and latest milestones


For companies and organisations providing opportunities, launching campaigns and seeking diverse talent our SaaS based platform promises to revolutionise the approach to maximising human potential and talent, locally and internationally.

With the help of our web portal and your customisable dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Discover and recruit from an incredible pool of talent
  • Build your community of engaged followers
  • Interact and amplify your brand among a network of influential and loyal users.


At ConnecMe2 we are excited about how our platform will change how opportunities are found, shared and created. By creating a playground where both providers and seekers will benefit from having access to shareable moments of authentic experiences – we look forward to seeing how organisations will onboard teams and begin their journey to enhancing company culture; whilst our seekers take a step closer to reaching their vocational destination.