5 ways we can help you access your chosen industry! | READ NOW

Yes it’s a lockdown, yes it’s tougher than it’s been in recent years and yes you’ve been wearing tracksuits all week!

Despite all the negative stats and news that people keep putting out there, there are still great opportunities to help you gain access to the industry of your choice.

With ConnecMe2 being a platform dedicated to providing more access, here are 5 things we currently have in place to help you!

1. Our #GetConnected Q+As

Every month we have a industry guest who has excelled in their field, ready to share their journey and answer YOUR personal questions about how to get into a specific industry!

This is quite important because with every industry there are things you don’t know that may help you…until you actually get into it!

Our guests are on hand to give you real insight into what it’s actually like and this can be really helpful. For example, on our Q+A with tech developer Kelechi Nwachuku he shared how the tech industry is moving away from a particular type of developer and moving towards people with another skillset!

Save yourself some time in the long run and sign up to our latest Q+A to see what the industry is really saying!

CLICK HERE: Q+A with Monique Carayol and Nikkita Padda

2. Mentorship Opportunities

This is an area that we’re expanding on significantly and we’re kicking this off with a 1-year mentorship opportunity with Manchester City FC social producer Adam Monk!

If you’re interested in this area you should definitely apply because opportunities like this give you unprecedented access to a specific industry at a high level and will provide insight and personal advice to guide you in the future.

3. Opportunity Centre

Our Opportunity Centre is exactly what it says on the tin! You click a link and you get connected to jobs, training, events, apprenticeships and other opportunities that can help bring you a step closer to the career you actually want.To access our Opportunity Centre CLICK HERE

4. Our Social Content!

Fortunately over the years we’ve built up a network of great people in key areas of different industries and we’re constantly sharing their tips and insight on how you can be successful too!

5. Get in touch with us!

If you’ve done all of the above and you’d still like help or more access then get in contact with us by sending a video stating the following:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • What industry you’re interested in
  • What experience you currently have (if any)
  • All the good points about you (e.g. your work ethic, qualifications and efforts to get into the industry – Anything else is good to know too as we may use when exploring opportunities and contacting people or employers)

If you’re ready to get more access to your chosen industry, send us an email at hello@cm2.co.uk with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your age
  • The type of role you’re looking for
  • Your contact number
  • A link to the video outlined above

Now take action and make a move! We’re waiting for you…but the industry isn’t.

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