Founded on a shared vision to change the landscape of providing vocational opportunities to a wider segment of society. ConnecMe2 is a data driven app that seeks to empower the next generation of talent by providing them with a transparent network where they can create their own pathways to vocational opportunities in partnership with some of the most exciting brands, influencers and organisations.

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A global platform bringing vocational insight to both our Providers and Seekers. ConnecMe2 takes user generated data from every one of our active users, giving voice and exposure to our community. As we learn more about our network of providers and seekers, we will introduce, AI, behavioural tracking and segmentation to enhance and personalise each and every dedicated user’s experience within our platform. ConnecMe2 combines the power of video, live interactions and the ability to share, curate and create experiences to optimise the Seeker’s performance. Our platform seeks to deliver actionable and beneficial insights exclusively for our providers and seekers.


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