With many small businesses bearing the brunt of the pandemic we’ve launched an initiative to help provide you with a pool of new talent to help bolster your business in the current climate. This can cover anything from managing databases to clerical duties or even sorting out your social media accounts; essentially the scope of anything that’s business and management related… and this is something that we’d provide for you at no cost! As part of their time with you,

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5 ways we can help you access your chosen industry! | READ NOW

Yes it’s a lockdown, yes it’s tougher than it’s been in recent years and yes you’ve been wearing tracksuits all week! Despite all the negative stats and news that people keep putting out there, there are still great opportunities to help you gain access to the industry of your choice. With ConnecMe2 being a platform dedicated to providing more access, here are 5 things we currently have in place to help you! 1. Our #GetConnected Q+As Every month we have

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No roles in lockdown? Here are three you can do remotely!

Lockdown 2.0 has shown us that work as we formerly knew it has ushered in the phase of the new normal, where Zoom meetings are our main mode of contact and we’ve all got a place mapped out where the lighting’s good (and your house looks spotless… As long as your laptop’s at the right angle!) With this being said there are many people who still haven’t managed to find work so we’ve put together a list of 3 roles

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