No roles in lockdown? Here are three you can do remotely!

Lockdown 2.0 has shown us that work as we formerly knew it has ushered in the phase of the new normal, where Zoom meetings are our main mode of contact and we’ve all got a place mapped out where the lighting’s good (and your house looks spotless… As long as your laptop’s at the right angle!) With this being said there are many people who still haven’t managed to find work so we’ve put together a list of 3 roles

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Are you the next Steve Jobs? Here are some part-time jobs while you build the next Apple!

Now it’s no secret that Rome wasn’t built in a day (apparently it actually took 1,000,000 plus days) and we know you’re ‘grinding’ to build the next Amazon, Apple or online platform! While doing so there are many great billionaires who had jobs when they first started their business (Steve Wozniak, Phil Knight and Jamal Edwards) and if you’re looking for some extra Christmas funds we’ve compiled a list of some roles you can carry out while working on the

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Need funding? Here are some funds that are supporting small businesses at this time!

This year  has presented many challenges for almost every company and industry leaving them trying to do their best with limited resources handling the impacts of `Covid-19. With some businesses and shops still not able to open it seems that small businesses have continuously borne the brunt of consumer decline. However, there have been a number of organisations that aim to help provide opportunities for small businesses that’s may need support. ConnecMe2 is here to count down some grants and

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