Are you next Steve Jobs? Here are some part-time jobs while you build the next apple!

If your busy looking to build an empire, but need the time and investment to do so, you've click the right blog! Here's three part-time jobs you can do.

1. Sales Assistant

National Average Salary: £8.28 per hour

Primary Duties: A sales assistant greets customers and assists with any queries. They help shoppers understand the benefits and features of products and upsell as much as they can.

Requirements: Sales assistants need a friendly personality above all else. Experience is desirable but not always essential. Good product knowledge is essential, but you can always be trained for this.

Sales and shopping

2. Brand Ambassador

National Average Salary: £9.49 per hour

Primary Duties: A brand ambassador embodies professionalism and brand personality as an interactive, customer-facing representative. They distribute marketing materials like samples, flyers or coupons. They also answer questions about their brand or product and inform customers about upcoming specials or events.

Requirements: A GCSE or equivalent is preferred. You should also have a strongly developed sense of self-discipline and interpersonal skills. A genuine enthusiasm for the brand is a major asset.

Brand ambassador

2. Freelance Writer

National Average Salary: £96.64 per day

Primary Duties: A freelance writer creates content for clients, including blog posts, articles, white papers, presentations and advertising copy. They often work with marketing and communication teams to promote brand values, and they must meet deadlines and provide high-quality copy.

Requirements: You'll need to have an excellent command of the written word with a track record of strong writing and a portfolio of clips published under your name. A marketing background can help, along with a good understanding of the client's industry.

Freelance writer