Four other roles in the radio industry 

Beyond popular belief, there’s more to the radio industry than being a DJ and with ConnecMe2 being a platform for information and opportunities to progress your talent we wanted to shed some light on 4 other roles in radio that may catch your eye – And fill your wallet!

Radio Broadcast Production Assistant: Circa £16,000 – £29,000

Becoming a radio production assistant is a great role to get experience and to start off in the industry. They work with all production personnel, helping where necessary and this can be from admin tasks to tasks such as working in a studio.

Radio Producer: Circa £35,000 – £42,960

Radio producers are responsible for the music selection, the overall presentation of a radio show as well as choosing different aspects of each show. Producers are important to be able to catch the attention of an audience and bring traffic to any form of production piece as well as help to create the image of what the radio station should represent.

Broadcast Engineers: Circa £21,216 – £60,000

This role is more for those on the tech side and are interested in the specifications of radio. They aim to make sure that programs are broadcast at the highest quality, working in a variety of locations and situations.

Commercial Production Manager: Circa £38,001

Commercial producers are the ones behind the adverts; if you have an eye for marketing and a love for radio this could be something to consider as you’ll need general knowledge of radio production as well as a creative side to spot how to sell products and services to the audience.


These are 4 jobs in radio that many people aren’t aware of but are essential in the production of radio shows worldwide. Being able to look beyond the surface of an industry and taking a look at what other roles have to offer may surprisingly open you up to a career or opportunity that’s perfect for you.

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