Does ‘Rona’​ have you worried about the working world?

It has been a strange few months, and it’s undeniable to say that life has been changed substantially for all of us. COVID-19 shifted how we interact with each other and society at large. One aspect of life which has changed for many is employment. Unemployment rates are up, the safety and security that was offered to employees are fading, leaving people concerned. Back in January even with the news about COVID-19, it is fair to say that many wouldn’t have thought that we would be in a 3-month lockdown and the world around us would come to a halt. Graduates, in particular, were getting ready to experience their first real taste of the workforce, putting their first foot on to the ladder. However, this has again been riddled with uncertainty. An article in ‘Personnel Today’ quotes the institute of Student Employment stating that in March, over a quarter of employers were planning to reduce the number of graduates they plan to take on.

There have been a number of stories all across social media of those who have lost opportunities with top companies, and there seems to be a general question amongst many graduates as to how they are going to find experience or employment in this climate? If you’re a graduate I promise you are not alone. An article published in the Guardian showed that a study done by the NUS revealed that students are nervous about the future, 81% are concerned about Job prospects and roughly 71% worried about employability. Although circumstances (especially if you look at the surface) seems bleak, ConnecMe2 is here to show you that it isn’t time to stop looking but adapt to how you are looking. First things first, scope out the current workforce and the markets to see how they’re adapting. With social distancing looking like it will be around for a while, specific industries are going to be more affected than others.

More manual areas such as factory workers to the delivery services have been doing well. But the big boomer has been the technology industry, which has had no problem adapting to this new working world. They are hiring for a range of different positions for people with a variety of different skill sets.

There is also the creative side of the digital industry, with many using the platforms for creative use. A lot of these are skills that can be learnt, self-taught and in many aspects are transferable across various industries. Take advantage of the technology we have, and adjust to the new times, try and learn a new tech-based skill if you don’t already. If there is one thing to always bear in mind, see how companies have been affected and adapted to COVID as many want to try their best to adapt and find new ways of connecting with potential employees. Especially in a competitive market, employers are continually working on scouting the best candidates.

The way of zoom is becoming the way of the working world; there are several different forms of recruitment methods to engage future employees. Take advantage of this…

Most companies have changed their approach to the recruitment process. The way of zoom is becoming the way of the working world; there are several different forms of recruitment methods to engage future employees. Take advantage of this and see what companies are making this transition into using the internet as a recruitment tool.

Many companies are also conducting their interviews online instead of face to face interviews. Although it is at home, it is still in an interview, and the same rules apply. Abdelrahman Y. Fouda wrote an article in which he talks on how he gets ready for online interviews with some useful top tips. But remember, people are just as motivated as you to get the role and with companies hiring less they are putting in more vetting and provisions. So, stand confidence and secure and don’t be shy to Facetime or Zoom a friend for practice.

The same goes for internships, many companies are not getting rid of their internships but re-modelling them into virtual internships. Virtual internships have allowed for potential employees to get an idea of the prospective field they are interested in. Although it may not be in person, it does allow for is the ability not just to gain insight but also pitch yourself to a potential employer.

One of the best ways to help yourself when it comes to the job hunt is connecting with different individuals and employers on various platforms. Using platforms like ConnecMe2, which works hard to match employers with employees or use platforms like LinkedIn and reach out to individuals who could come in handy in the future.

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