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We constantly strive to provide opportunities and resources for helping you progress into your desired industry and this week we’ve got a NEW vlog with Destiny sharing some of our Top Tips for Uni students in this new time!

Now let’s get into the list:

1. Establish a career field

For those that are already going to university, you have probably already chosen a course and an idea of a broad career that you want to achieve. But if you could narrow your options down, you start to identify your true passion. Plus, if you have just finished your GCSE’s, why not start to think about what career path would be best for you. Yes – it is early, but being able to think about this from a young age means that you more likely to achieve the relevant work experience in whatever field needed. So now when you do finish with your studies, your able to go straight in there.

2. Network

It’s very important to network and to make connections with professionals. Today, it is so difficult to connect to people physically, so our top tip is to use social media platforms like Linkdin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and engage with professionals that are suited to your career field. This will make things a whole lot easier in the future and establishing those connections will open doors for you.

3. Adapt

The third tip is to do not worry and to adapt to the circumstances. Times are difficult so it’s best not to stress yourselves. Just continue to work hard and adapt to the climate. Why not see if you can pick up a new skill? Find something that interests you and keep pushing! If you give it time and perseverance, everything will run smoothly.

Compiled by Destiny Stevenson-Oridota

Take a look at our video below!

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