Need funding? Here are some funds that are supporting small businesses at this time!

This year  has presented many challenges for almost every company and industry leaving them trying to do their best with limited resources handling the impacts of `Covid-19. With some businesses and shops still not able to open it seems that small businesses have continuously borne the brunt of consumer decline.

However, there have been a number of organisations that aim to help provide opportunities for small businesses that’s may need support. ConnecMe2 is here to count down some grants and loans which are available to help those who may need a helping hand during the pandemic.

  • Grow it Award 

The Grow it Award offers up to £15,000 to help support social entrepreneurs looking to grow their ventures and make a significant difference. Alongside this, they provide you with tailored advice and support along your journey. The Grow it Award is definitely one for those looking to make a change.


  • Crack it Challenges 

‘Crack it challenges’ is a fund which supports challenged based competition, encouraging partnerships between educational organisations and SMEs to solve business and scientific challenges. Depending on the contested contract, the funding award can be up to £1,000,000 over three years.


  • Arts Council England Funding 

The Arts Council aims to help support the cultural sector which is crucial at a time like this. Focusing on events related to the arts and open to both organisations and individuals it can offer between £1000 up to £100,000 for projects.


  • Barrow Cadbury Trust Grants 

Barrow Cadbury Trust help to fund and support products that are focused on social change. They are looking for individuals that want to create sustainable changes across multiple areas, including equality, across migration, criminal justice and economic justice.


These four organisations are just the tip in the iceberg when looking at the grants available for different businesses. There are several additional small business grants available for every industry. Don’t be afraid to take the risk and apply; it may be more of an investment in your company than you think.

Written by Destiny Stevenson-Oridota

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