Kensington & Chelsea College

Connecme2 is developing an Ed Tech platform that will encourage collaborative learning by its users. We want to create a bridge between those that are aspiring to attain a role /positon and those that are already there. We believe that both can learn something from each other.
For this project we thought it would be great if we connected Kensington &Chelsea College Level 3 Interior Design Students with the best professionals and organisations in the space. The teams we had in mind were at the cutting edge of commercial interior design. The students brief was to take a corner of a community centre, remove all the clutter and turn it into a Learning and Opportuntity hub that was fit for the 21st century learners that would be training there, the opportunity and learning hub would be for the Grenfell Community Centre AKA The Curve.

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Kcc project testimonials

It was great being part of one of ConnecMe2 projects because both I and my students experienced first hand the inspiring way they work.
They created a fantastic collaboration between leading professionals, aspiring designers and the post-Grenfell tower fire community.
The outcome was quite unbelievable. At the inauguration of the brand new Opportunities and Learning Hub, everyone could see that when we work together we can achieve our goals. And everyone could feel that helping each other enriches us all.
Alf and Diana, thank you for making all this happen!
David Falcioni Design Lecturer

Working collaboratively with Tsunami Axis allowed me to gain an insight of how designers work in a professional environment and how they develop their ideas together as a team. This really helped me improve my team working skills whilst completing ‘The Curve’ project. I gained valuable constructive criticism on my digital floor plans and aesthetic ideas for the Opportunity and Learning Hub space itself.
Working with Tsunami really complimented our college Interior Design course by allowing us to see how people use their artistic qualifications in the working world and how people of different ages and backgrounds work together in the company and with their clients to produce innovative products and ideas without discrimination and overpowering authority.
Lastly, the experience showed me that my own ideas, as a student can inspire professionals with years of industry experience, so this motivated me and gave me hope. I felt a positivity about how I will proceed with my interior design career. The connections I made are really nice people as well so hopefully within my own interior design journey and aspirations I can utislise the company as a contact in the future. I believe in how this project encourages joined learning and working as a team. Discussing ideas collaboratively can lead to new innovations and outcomes that can match client’s desires for their spaces.
Amy Cosshall Level 3 Interior Design Student

Working with Tsunamis Axis and ConnecMe2 I have learnt that collaborating with people from different ages and professional backgrounds can create strong positive changes in people’s lives and communities.
Working with Tsunami Axis was awesome. For example working with a live project, sharing and contributing ideas, as well as improving upon my technical design skills was great. This experience has given me a first-hand insight to how industry experts operate, as a student I have found this really beneficial, the advice and knowledge that I have been given is something that I will continue to apply into my own work.
Overall my experience with Tsunami Axis and ConnecMe2 I feel has helped me to develop both personally and professionally. I have learnt through trial and error, and through what I learnt I believe I can reach my goals and potentials. It’s good to work with a positive team beside you. I have also been inspired by the ConnecMe2 and Tsunami Axis team and I wish to continue on and gain both my design education and my career in design as well.
Alice Anderson Level 3 Interior Design Student