Relentless Records

ConnecMe2 teamed up with Relentless Records, a Sony Music company, to offer 10 budding musicians the opportunity to take part in a 6 day boot-camp, offering them insight in to the business of music. Relentless Records were keen to engage with their local community of North Kensington and show that talent exists right on their doorstep.

ConnecMe2 Music boot-camp was to offer beneficiaries practical opportunities to take part in performance workshops, beat-making, vocal production and attending an A&R session. On the business side they would understand all about music marketing, how to brand and manage an artist, the various income streams as well as social media and online presence.

Applicants put together a 1 minute video, answering three questions about their passion for music and future aspirations. During the selection process Relentless Records were so impressed by many of the applicants that they decided to go beyond the 6 day boot-camp and offered the chosen beneficiaries the opportunity to attend the first term (3 months) of their main music course through the Notting Hill Academy for Music for free. This would provide them with greater insight, knowledge and experience to the business of music, from experts and leaders in the industry, setting beneficiaries up for their next steps in to the world of music.