Sky Production Services

ConnecMe2 & Sky Production Services put on our first ever “Life Behind The Lens” event in December 2019.

This was a FREE one day bootcamp in Live & Studio Television Making for ConnecMe2 followers.

We invited seekers who had ambitions to be part of the TV industry but have never really known how to get started, and offered them a truly unique opportunity to go behind the scenes at Sky Studios, experiencing first-hand the roles, craft and skill needed to work in a live studio environment.

The amazing people at Sky Production Services provided insight and expertise into roles such as; Lighting, Cameras, Sound, Make Up, Scenery, Floor Management, Technical Management, Graphics, Vision Mixing and Editing.

To apply we wanted to connect with those who have a passion to pursue a career in Live TV Production. Applicants were asked to shoot us a short 1 minute video answering all three questions below:

  • How will this Sky Production Services Bootcamp benefit you and what role have you always dreamed of working in?
  • What have you achieved or currently doing in your media career?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We had many unique and interesting applications and ultimately fun was had by all who made it to the Sky village.