South London Academy

Trainee-ship in Customer Service with Functional Skills & Guaranteed Work Placement

  • 16-18 and 19-23 year olds
  • Unemployed or employed less than 16 hours a week and have little work experience.
  • Qualified below level 3
  • Motivated to progress to sustainable work or to an apprenticeship or further studies.

Preparing learners for work, interview skills, effective communication and developing personal confidence
We encourage learners to demonstrate and develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills in a range of contexts and for various purposes. The programme is concerned about developing and recognising the ability of learners to apply and transfer skills in ways that are appropriate to their situation learners will be taught how to use mathematics to provide answers, interpret and check results, Learners will understand different techniques used in dealing with customers. This module will prepare them to work in customer facing environments.

Guaranteed Work Placement job roles with certain organisations have been identified and we will need to expand coverage in various sectors to, as much as possible, match the work placement opportunity with the type of work learners are interested in.