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Our web app has been designed to become the perfect partner for the companies and sector bodies of tomorrow. ConnecMe2 is the playground where talent, curated content and authentic interactions between providers and seekers reside. Create an account today to use your ConnecMe2 dashboard to build & recruit from a pool of diverse and ambitious talent.

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Data shows over 60% of Linkedin users are aged between 30 – 64; revealing a missed opportunity for the TikTok generation seeking opportunities. Research has revealed that a third of our graduates have found themselves in roles which fail to meet their level of Higher Education.

At ConnecMe2 we love video. Our seekers are able to record, share and document their achievements, from their latest event they attended to the campaign they just launched. As a provider in the ConnecMe2 community, you get to watch moments of authentic vocational experiences created just for you.


At ConnecMe2, we are all about building networks and creating authentic vocational experiences. For our providers we are looking forward to offering valuable insight into the community of seekers following them, giving you access to a dynamic generation of savvy talent who are ready to tell their stories. Once you’re connected, take the opportunity to look through the seeker routemap API, an innovative way to see a seekers destination. Available exclusively on ConnecMe2.


With our App officially in BETA, we are excited and want to invite you to experience what we’ve built. As an early adopter you will have exclusive access to our community managers who will be offering technical and brand experience support for only £900 per annum. We welcome you to be part of our movement and lead the way in your sector.