At ConnecMe2, we understand that we’re in a digital era where access, authenticity and vocational opportunities that match the talents of our seeker community are being disrupted by an information overload from far too many sources. As a result, we’re excited to release the BETA version of our free, peer to peer app that places vocational data and dynamic user generated content at the heart of our mobile app. Gone are the days of cluttered inboxes, instead we’re placing the power to create opportunities and experiences with peers, leaders and experts in the palm of your hand with our app.
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Our app embraces the ways of a new generation, a generation that want authenticity from the brands they interact with and the organisations they admire and want to work with. As a result, we have built a platform that offers our seekers access to find opportunities, an environment to interact and collaborate with peers, and most excitingly, a way to visually document their achievements as they embark on their journey towards their vocational destination via our intuitive and user-centric route-map feature.
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Exclusively to our seeker community, our app provides our seekers with the ability to interact, follow and share exclusive content released by our network of brands and organisations. From the latest opportunities, to release dates of a launch or a networking event – our app promises to be that bridge that empowers our seekers to make moves that will be seen and acknowledged by brands they love. If you’re looking to make a vocational move, download the app, create your free profile and start your journey today.


As a seeker, we invite you to join an eclectic network of talented, intelligent, savvy and creative individuals that share a similar belief that access, combined with autonomy, action and collaboration are the tenants to finding greater opportunities and success. We’re excited to announce that our BETA version of our app will allow each and every seeker to collaborate with peers on special projects and campaigns, create and publish video content and build relationships with providers and peers that could lead to something groundbreaking
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