Over the past few months, several conversations have been popping up discussing inclusivity and diversity amongst major business and industries.

Who we’re highlighting?

Connecme2 isn’t here to focus on those who haven’t been doing enough in the industry, we want to highlight those who aim and strive to make sure those from different backgrounds have the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and potential. In this post, we are counting down our top 5 companies which have been recognised for their efforts for inclusion and diversity.


Kantar is a global market research organisation and recently was named in the top 50 employers for their diversity and inclusion plan. Kantar has a number of different virtual networks including, Colorful @ Kantar, Women of Kantar and the Neurodiversity Network’. Kantar has also created the diversity and inclusion index which was the first of its kind in the world and is an index based on employee feedback from all over the globe.”

2. EON

E.on is a global energy company and also features In the top 50 list. E.on has also been working within the industry to help with motivation, creativity and inclusion amongst its staff. This year E.on spoke about the idea of ‘putting energy’ into diversity and inclusion and aims to continue this into the future.


One of the biggest U.K banks also features on our list, Natwest has made great progress aiming to ensure that the world of banking is becoming more diverse and inclusive. Natwest has recently made a series of statements pledging to improve racial equality within the workforce. One of the pledges standing out is their pledge to ‘increase the number’ of black staff in senior roles from 1% to 3% by 2025.

4. Morgan Sindall Infrastrusture

Being considered for 2 inclusion and diversity awards over 2019 Morgan Sindall is also stepping up. They provide a number of services from construction to infrastructure including a number of property services. Morgan Sindall has more than doubled their female workforce representation to over 20 per cent in the last two years (industry average is 14 per cent) and the company has been developing its inclusion and diversity package over the last 5 years and plans to continue to grow and expand their inclusion and diversity aims in the future.

5. SKY

Sky is a broadcasting company with many notable different sections under their belt, from Sky News to the production team and the sports department. Sky is a company with many different paths but one of its biggest standouts is within their inclusion and diversity aims. Sky as of this year has promised 10 million pounds across 3 years to help the company grow its inclusivity and we look forward to watching this grow.

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